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Blue Apatite Rough (1 Piece)

Blue Apatite Rough (1 Piece)

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Blue Apatite Rough (1 Piece)

Weight Approx Each: 35-50g


Apatite is a Stone of appearance, endorsing an altruistic outlook and facility to others. Blue Apatite is a spiritual stone with a purgative influence on the atmosphere, especially in the mental body. It is a mainly strong stone to use in past-life or alternating-life work, because of its capacity to approach the energy levels where the Akashi records and a person’s soul forms exist. 

Apatite enhances inspiration and builds up energy stocks. It aids controlling self-consciousness and hostility and sponsors social ease. It is useful in easing anger and sorrow, and in decreasing touchiness and emotional tiredness.

This crystal enhances the consciousness of past-life experiences and may increase the sympathetic of any karmic effects on one's current realism.  Its vibration appeals the "blue beings" of the supernal areas, whether godlike or guides creatures such as Krishna.

Apatite supports the development of new cells and aids in the preoccupation of calcium. It aids in healing bones and teeth, maintenances cartilage, and is useful in the curing for arthritis, rickets, joint problems, and motor skills. Apatite helps to remove over-activity, under-activity, congestion and blockages in all of the chakras. This crystal is excellent for harmonizing yin-yang, and for hovering kundalini power. Apatite rouses the Throat and the Third Eye Chakras.

Zodiac Signs: Gemini

This information regarding crystal meanings is not scientifically verified and are intuitive only and should not take place of conventional medical or psychological treatments.